OSU Purchasing and eTools


OSU eTools are communication tools that can be used world-wide.  They enable requests to be made without having to be physically present in the Department of Classics or send an email.  You are required to use these eTools if you need to request...

All employees involved in the use of university funds are responsible for compliance with all applicable university policies.

Relevant Policies

Procurement Decision Tree

New policies have been developed to assist in choosing a procurement method, indicating the preferred methods of purchasing to be used in this order:

  1. Internal  vendors (Uniprint, etc.)
  2. eStores
    1. Key Contracts (100% compliance mandated): Coke, UPS, Office Max, Comdoc
    2. Preferred vendors - see contract book 
  3. Pcard – all purchases <$2500 (PCard transaction limit) that cannot be purchased via an internal order or eStores.
  4. Convenience order
  5. Purchase order – for goods/services greater than $2500.

OSU Purchasing does not want you to price shop. This is the responsibility of OSU's Office of The full value of our contracts won’t be realized until we utilize them 100% of the time. These programs have delivered significant savings to the University over these last two years.  Additionally, for Travel, please utilize the university’s Designated Travel Agencies to prepay your airfare. 

  • Prepaid Airfare
    To have the university prepay your travel, contact one of OSU's Designated Travel Agencies. Provide the agent with Khalid's email address (jama.10@osu.edu) so that the department can pay the ticket once it's emailed from the agent.
  • Renting a car
    Please see Rental Car Information
    You are required to purchase LDW, CDW, DW and Liability insurance.
    You are required to use the university contracted rental car agencies, if available.

What is an Appropriate BUSINESS PURPOSE?

  • Business purpose should be written so that an individual unfamiliar to the organization's operation can understand why the transaction occurred and how it benefits the mission of the University.
  • Using words such as "for", "on behalf of", "at the request of", etc., help the reader to understand the justification of the transaction or expenditure

OSU eTools

eLeave tool

Used for sick leave, etc.

  • Click "New"
  • Fill-in the required fields
  • Click "Create Leave Request"
  • A comments section is available to provide more detail regarding the reason for your absence, the person responsible in your absence, etc.
  • Click "Submit"

University Business Leave tool

Used when traveling for business purposes, but not requesting OSU funding

  • Click "New"

  • Fill-in the required fields
  • Fields are available to provide additional information such as emergency contact information and/or the name of the person responsible in your absence, etc.
  • Click "Submit"


OSU funded University Business Leave

To initiate your travel request email Khalid a completed Travel Request Form

eRequest tool

eRequest training materials available on the BSC webpage http://ascbsc.osu.edu/e_request


  • Make purchase
  • Click on "New"
  • Select "Reimbursement To Employee"
  • Fill-in the required fields
  • Click "Continue"
  • Click "Submit For Approval"
  • Upload or submit receipts to Fiscal Officer

Department Card needed?

  • Click on "New"
  • Select "Purchasing Card Preferred"
  • Fill-in the required fields
  • List the preferred vendor
  • If a meal, will alcohol be purchased? Who is attending?
  • Click "Continue"
  • Click "Submit For Approval"
  • After receiving approval email, retrieve Department Card when needed
  • After purchase, return Department Card with itemized and paid receipts

All other Purchases

Department Card isn’t an option and a check needs to be issued?

  • Get a quote from the vendor
  • Click on "New"
  • Select "Standard Purchasing Request"
  • Fill-in the required fields
  • Click "Continue"
  • Click "Submit For Approval"
  • Attach quote