Featured Courses:

Autumn 2018

  • Hebrew 5100 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Michael Swartz. Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:55-5:15.
  • History 5229 Special Topics in Ancient Christianity: Historical Jesus by Bert Harrill. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:45-2:05.
  • NELC 5120 Biblical Aramaic by Sam Meier. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20-3:40. 

Spring 2018

  • Arabic 5628 Classical Arabic Prose by Hadi Jorati.
  • Hebrew 5602 The Bible as Literature by Sam Meier.
  • NELC 5401/Classics 5401 Methods for the Study of Ancient Religion by Michael Swartz. This counts towards GISRAM certification.
  • NELC 5121 Jewish Aramaic by Michael Swartz.

Autumn 2017

  • Classics 7893 Seminar on Greek and Roman Mystery Cults by Fritz Graf.  This counts towards GISRAM certification.
  • History 5229 Special Topics in Early Christianity: Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity by Bert Harill.  This counts towards GISRAM certification.
  • History of Art /Classics 5311 Art and Archaeology of Pre-Classical Greece by Mark Fullerton.  This probably won’t count as a GISRAM course, unless the individual student finds a way to do a paper that concentrates heavily on religion; yet it’s a course that many GISRAM students should consider taking anyway.
  • Arabic 5627 Classical Arabic Poetry by Geoffrey Moseley.
  • Arabic 7602 Studies in Arabic Prose by Geoffrey Moseley.
  • NELC 5111 Comparative Semitic Linguistics by Sam Meier.
  • NELC 5701 The Qur'an in Translation by Sean Anthony. This counts towards GISRAM certification.
  • Hebrew 5100 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Lynn Kaye.
  • Hebrew 7602 Studies in Hebrew Prose by Daniel Frank.

Spring 2017

  • NELC 7501 Narratives of Origin: The Islamic Tradition by Sean Anthony.
  • Hebrew 5602 Readings in Bible by Sam Meier.

Autumn 2016

  • Hebrew 5100: Intro to Biblical Hebrew by Lynn Kaye.
  • NELC 5101: Introduction to the Field of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures by Kevin van Bladel. This is a 1-unit intro to the field of Near Eastern Studies.
  • NELC 5125 Syriac I by Kevin van Bladel.
  • NELC 5130: Ugaritic by Sam Meier.
  • Arabic 8891 Seminar in Arabic Studies by the new Sofia Chair of Arabic Studies. This is a graduate-level introduction to the methods and materials of traditional Arabic scholarship.

Spring 2016

  • Greek 7193 Independent Study of Phoenician-Punic inscriptions by Carolina López-Ruiz. 
  • History 8210 Research Seminar independent study of hagiography and history by David Brakke.
  • Classics 7893: Topics in Greek and Roman Myth and Religion Seminar on the methodologies for the study of ancient myths by Sarah Iles Johnston.
  • NELC 5401 Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions by Michael Swartz.
  • Arabic 5628 Classical Arabic Prose by David Larsen.
  • Hebrew 5603 Readings in Rabbinic Literature by Lynn Kaye.
  • Hebrew 5602 Selected Readings of Biblical Hebrew by Sam Meier.

Autumn 2015

  • Greek 7890 Graduate Seminar on Carthage--focusing on cultural contact and colonization--Greco-Phoenician-Roman-Iberian-North African relations--taught by Carolina López-Ruiz.
  • Classics 7894 Graduate Seminar on Roman, Christian and Jewish Festivals in Late Antiquity by Fritz Graf. 
  • NELC 7503 Graduate Seminar on the Religions of Ancient Iran, covering Zoroastrianism, East-Syrian Christianity, Babylonian Judaism, Mandaism, and Manichaeism, and also Islam at the beginning, by Kevin van Bladel.
  • Hebrew 5603 Readings in Rabbinic Literature course on Midrash by Michael Swartz.
  • Arabic 5611: History of the Arabic Language by Kevin van Bladel.
  • Arabic 5627: Classical Arabic Poetry by David Larsen.
  • Arabic 5701: The Qur'an in Translation by Sean Anthony.
  • NELC 5101: Introduction to the Field of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures by Kevin van Bladel.
  • NELC 5111: Comparative Semitic Languages by Sam Meier.



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