Georgios Anagnostou



Interview with the Greek News Agenda (in English)



«Λόγοι Χ Επαφής, Επιστολές εξ Αμερικής»     Διασπορικές διαδρομές. Αθήνα: Απόπειρα. 2012. [Diasporic Routes. Athens: Apopeira].    (Poems and reflections on migration and diaspora, in Greek; some bilingual)      Popular Ethnography and the Making of Usable Pasts in Greek America


Book Chapters


“Poetry Traversing History: Narrating Louis Tikas in David Mason’s Ludlow.” In Retelling the Past in Contemporarty Greek Literature, Film and Popular Culture. Gerasimus Katsan and Trine Willert eds., 49–66. 2019, Lexington Press.

"Citizenship and Entrepreneurship: Greek America as Diaspora at a Time of Crisis.” In Greece in Crisis: The Cultural Politics of Austerity, edited by Dimitris Tziovas, 107–132. I. B. Tairus Publishers. 2017.


Recent Articles

“Spectacular Incorporations: American Sports, Ethnic Heritage Night, Greek America.” April 22, 2019.

“Caesar Mavratsas: Contributions to Greek American Sociology,” Ergon: Greek/American Arts and LettersMarch 24, 2019.

“Roots, Return Narratives, Reclaiming ‘European Americans’: A Review Essay,” Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies. 20. 2 (2011): 216–240. © 2019. (Invited, 9,000 words)

“Do the Right Thing: Identities as Citizenship in U.S. Orthodox Christianity and Greek America.” 18 November, 2018. Ergon: Greek/American Arts and Letters

“Norms, Vulnerabilities, Paradoxes: Greeks and MTV.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 35.1 (Spring 2017): 155-179.


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Areas of Expertise
  • Modern Greek Culture and Identity
  • Greek diaspora
  • American ethnicities
  • Ph.D. Ohio State 1999
  • M.A. Louisiana State 1992
  • M.S. Louisiana State 1989
  • B.S. Thessaloniki 1984

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