The Classics Club at The Ohio State University


The Classics Club

Undergraduate majors and minors are invited to participate in the Classics Club, whose purpose is to develop and promote interest in Classical study among students at The Ohio State University.  For more information, including meeting times, contact the Department Undergraduate Director, the Club President, or visit the OSU Classics Club on FacebookThe current officers are as follows:

Sam Comshaw-Arnold: President (Consul "primus")

Grace LeFevre: Vicepresident (Consul “secundus”/“secunda")

Adam Sichel: Treasurer (Quaestor)

Taylor Kigel: secretary (Secretarius/secretaria)

Jonathan Richmond: steering committee member

Zach Lee: steering committee member


Eta Sigma Phi is the national honorary collegiate society for students of Latin, Greek, and/or the classical studies. While the club does also function as Ohio State's chapter of the Eta Sigma Phi honorary, students do not have to be Eta Sigma Phi members to be members of Classics club.