Benjamin Acosta-Hughes Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
Professor, Chair of the Department
Greek Literature
Hellenistic Poetry
614 292-2744
June W. Allison
Professor Emeritus
Georgios Anagnostou Georgios Anagnostou
Associate Professor
Greek diaspora
American ethnicities
Modern Greek Culture and Identity
Greg Anderson
Associate Professor
Ancient History 614 247-8040
Charles L. Babcock
Professor Emeritus†
William W. Batstone William W. Batstone
Roman Literature
Rhetoric and literary criticism
614 292-2744
Hank Blume
Graduate Associate
Brandon Bourgeois Brandon Bourgeois
Graduate Associate
Christopher Brown
Christopher Bungard
Associate Professor of Classical Studies, Butler University
Kathryn Caliva
Graduate Fellow
Kara Campbell
Department Manager
Financial Management
Human Resources
614 292-6693
Rene Chaffins
University Fellow
Stratos E. Constantinidis
Classical Drama
Critical Theory
614 292-1261
Frank T. Coulson Frank T. Coulson
Professor, Director of Palaeography
Classical Reception
614 292-2744
Joseph Danielewicz Joseph Danielewicz
Graduate Associate
Margaret Day
Graduate Fellow
Bridget Dean (Buchholz)
Managing Editor, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishing
Kelly Dugan Kelly Dugan
Graduate Associate
Hanne Eisenfeld Hanne Eisenfeld
University Fellow
Christopher Erlinger
Graduate Associate
Scott Fisher
Richard Fletcher Richard Fletcher
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Roman Literature and Philosophy
Literary and Cultural Theory
614 292-2744
Samuel O. Flores
Visiting Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College
Philip Forsythe
Research Specialist on Greek Inscriptions
Greek Epigraphy 614 292-0572
Gabriel L. Fuchs
Upper School Latin Teacher, Wakefield School
Mark Fullerton Mark Fullerton
Ancient Greek and Roman art and archaeology
Greek and Roman Sculpture
Hellenistic Art
614 688-8177
Alice Gaber
Graduate Associate
Kristen Gentile
Assistant Professor, College of Charleston
Luke Gorton
Visiting Lecturer of Classics and Religious Studies, University of New Mexico
Fritz Graf Fritz Graf
Distinguished University Professor, Director of Epigraphy
Ancient Religions and Mythologies
Greek Epigraphy
History of Scholarship
614 292-7810
Richard Firth Green
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English, Director, Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies
Medieval Latin
Middle English
614 247-7088
Timothy E. Gregory
Late Roman and Byzantine History 614 292-1949
Anna A. Grotans
Associate Professor of German
Medieval German Studies
Historical Linguistics
614 292-6985
David T. Gura
Curator of Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts, Early Imprints, and History of the Book; Concurrent Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame
Corey Hackworth Corey Hackworth
Graduate Associate
David E. Hahm
Professor Emeritus
Ancient Philosophy
Cultural History
Adria Haluszka
Visiting Assistant Professor, Eckerd College
James Hamilton
University Fellow
Justin Hanson Justin Hanson
Graduate Associate
J. Albert Harrill J. Albert Harrill
New Testament studies
Early Christian social history
Ancient Mediterranean religions
614 292-2744
Julia Nelson Hawkins Julia Nelson Hawkins
Assistant Professor
Latin Poetry
Ancient Medicine
Reception of Hellenistic Culture at Rome
614 292-2744
Tom Hawkins Tom Hawkins
Associate Professor
Greek poetry
Iambic invective
Imperial Greek literature
614 292-2744
Bruce Heiden Bruce Heiden
Greek Epic
Greek and Roman Drama
614 292-2744
Warren Huard
University Fellow
Katarzyna Jazdzewska
Assistant Professor, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
Michael Jean Michael Jean
Graduate Associate
Craig Jendza
Sarah Iles Johnston Sarah Iles Johnston
Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor of Religion
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
Archaic Greek Poetry
614 292-2058
Christopher A. Jones
Old English language and literature
History of the English language
Medieval Latin
614 247-8893
Brian D. Joseph
Professor of Linguistics and Kenneth E. Naylor Professor of South Slavic Linguistics
Historical linguistics
Greek linguistics
Balkan linguistics
614 292-4981
Gregory Jusdanis Gregory Jusdanis
Humanities Distinguished Professor, Director of Modern Greek Studies
Modern Greek Literature and Culture
C. P. Cavafy
614 292-3785
Anthony Kaldellis Anthony Kaldellis
Byzantine Studies
Greek Historiography
Erica Kallis
Academic Programs Coordinator
614 292-2744
Jason Kayes
Scott Kennedy
Susan Huntington Dean's Distinguished University Fellow
Marion Kruse III Marion Kruse III
University Fellow
Abigail Lambert
Brittany Lauber
Graduate Associate
Robert Lenardon
Professor Emeritus
Joey Lipp Joey Lipp
Graduate Associate
William Little
Graduate Associate
Leslie Lockett
Associate Professor
Old English language and literature
Medieval Latin
Manuscript studies
614 688-3148
Carolina López-Ruiz Carolina López-Ruiz
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Greek and Near Eastern interaction and colonization
Archaic Greek literature and Classical Mythology
614 292-2744
Stephen Maiullo
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Hope College
Laura Marshall Laura Marshall
University Fellow
Benjamin McCloskey
Latin Instructor, Department of Modern Languages at Kansas State University
Anna McCullough Anna McCullough
Assistant Professor
614 292-2744
Timothy McNiven Timothy McNiven
Associate Professor
Ancient Art
Dana Munteanu Dana Munteanu
Associate Professor
Greek Tragedy
Philosophy (Aristotle)
Comparative Literature
Aaron Palmore Aaron Palmore
University Fellow
Maxwell Teitel Paule
Assistant Professor, Earlham College
765 983-1742
Anna Peterson
Assistant Professor, Penn State
Quinn Radziszewski Quinn Radziszewski
University Fellow
Adam Rappold Adam Rappold
Graduate Associate
John Richards
Duane W. Roller
Professor Emeritus
505 466-1165
Nathan S. Rosenstein
History of the Roman Republic and early Empire 614 292-7645
Christine Schaefers Christine Schaefers
Graduate Associate
Kristina Sessa
Associate Professor
Ancient History
Medieval History
614 292-7244
Allan Silverman
Ancient Philosophy
614 292-1604
Jane Snyder
Professor Emeritus
Allison Sprock Allison Sprock
Graduate Associate
Agapi Stefanidou
Michael D. Swartz
Cultural history of Judaism in late antiquity
Rabbinic studies
Early Jewish mysticism and magic
614 292-9967
Joseph Tebben
Professor Emeritus
740 344-1214
Stephen V. Tracy
Professor Emeritus
Katrina Vaananen Katrina Vaananen
Graduate Associate
Kevin van Bladel
Associate Professor & Chair of Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
614 292-5643
Wendy Watkins
614 292-3280
Rocki Wentzel
Associate Professor, Augustana College
605 274-5401
Aaron Wenzel
Mark Wright Mark Wright