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Spring Semester 2019


Classics 3100 (Topics in Ancient Literature and Culture)

What Are You Afraid Of? Ghost Stories, from Antiquity to Right Now

Spring Semester 2019

Professor Sarah Iles Johnston

MWF 11:30-12:25

In this course, we’ll start by reading ancient tales of ghosts and make our way forward to ghost stories and films from the 21st century, asking what makes all of them work—that is, why do they frighten us?  And: has what frightens us always remained the same or does it change, depending on the society that invents a particular story?  Requirements: regular attendance and participation in discussions; quizzes; short writing assignments.


Classics 7894: (Graduate Seminar on Late Antiquity and Byzantium)

Society and Economy in the Late Roman Empire

Spring Semester 2019

Prof. Tina Sessa (History)

Mondays 9:30-12:15 

This research seminar will introduce students to major topics in the social and economic history of the late Roman Empire.  For the first nine weeks of the term, we will meet as a group to discuss primary and secondary literature on the following topics: debates over the nature and trajectory of the late ancient economy; rural and peasant society, including the colonate; the socio-economics of cities; slavery; domestic relationships (including marriage, children, and inheritance); changing attitudes toward patronage, elite status, and wealth; and possible socio-economic effects of the late Roman environment.  For the remainder of the semester, students will work independently on individual research projects on a related topic of their own choice, aiming to produce a high-quality paper of approximately 30 pages in length.