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Guest Speaker Travel

All guest travel should be submitted to Khalid Jama as soon as the guest has accepted our invitation to visit campus. Please email the following details and a vendor completed and ink-signed vendor setup form in order the process the travel request. Please note that guest travel requests may not be processed for up to two weeks during busier times of the year.

  • Guest’s Name (as it appears on the government issued form of identification that will be shown at the airport):
  • Guest’s email address:
  • Guest's cell phone number:
  • Guest's date of birth:
  • Funding Source:
  • Business Purpose: (Name of guest) will be traveling to The Ohio State University to (description of activity).
  • Departure Date:
  • Return Date: (University policy allows for travel to begin and end one day before and after the business purpose.  If it is necessary to travel beyond these dates, please explain why.  If personal travel is involved, please provide us with an airfare comparison [pdf] based on the dates related to the business purpose.)
  • Departure City: (If not departing/returning from Columbus please explain why not)
  • Return City:
  • Total Estimated Cost: $
    • Airfare/Personal Auto Mileage/Rental: $
    • If we need to prepay airfare and lodging, with this be through Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) or the PCard?
    • Mileage = total miles * $0.58; (airfare comparison [pdf] required)
    • Rental Car Guidelines [pdf]
    • Hotel: $  (Please give a preferred hotel and a second choice so that a reservation can be made)
    • Shuttle, Taxi, etc.: $
    • Parking: $
    • Business Meal(s): $
    • Honorarium: $
    • Other: $