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Scholarships and Awards

The majority of Department of Classics scholarships are open to Ohio State undergraduate majors in Classics (Classical Humanities, Greek, Latin, Greek and Latin), Ancient History and Classics, and Modern Greek and graduate students in the department.

  • The Tim Neustadt Graduate Research Fund is open to any graduate or professional student enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who is studying Greek, Latin, and/or Modern Greek in the Department of Classics.
  • The Phaedon John Kozyris and Litsa Kozyris Award is open to any undergraduate or graduate student in any department or program at Ohio State upon completion of at least two semesters of Modern Greek.

All Scholarship and Awards applications are due April 1, 2024.

The following documents are required with submission of the application:

  • Personal Statement
    • Indicate why you wish to receive the scholarship(s) and how the scholarship(s) would enhance both your program of study and your future plans (for example, graduate school or career). If applying for a travel award, please give the name of the proposed program, location, dates and itemized budget. (200 – 300 words).

  • One letter of recommendation for undergraduate students

***Note to undergraduate students: These are student financial aid scholarships. If you have already received the maximum financial aid to meet your estimated cost of attendance at OSU, you will not qualify to receive additional scholarship funds. Before you apply, please go to your BuckeyeLink or check with the financial aid office to see if you already received the maximum financial aid for this academic year.

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