Best Undergraduate Paper in Classics


A prize of $300 is awarded annually to the writer of the best paper written by an undergraduate student for a Department Classics class during the past year. An Honorable Mention prized of $150 is awarded to the second best paper. Recipients are selected from nominations made by the faculty. Awards are announced in spring.

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  Previous Recipients Honorable Mention
2021 Griffin Hankins Kiana Rattliff
2020 N/A N/A
2019 Mui Ong Camden Dezse
2018 Luca Lavezzo Justice Robert Marks
2017 Tess Willmott Paper Andrew Hosler
2016 Grace Rhodes   Paper  Cole Brownsberger  Paper
2015 Laura Tringali   Paper  
2014 Petra Creamer and Benjamin Leach  
2013 MarshallBuchanan Lauren Maxfield
2012 Melissa Barrett Danielle Capetillo
2011 Benjamin Briskin  
2010 Ted Bross Eileen McGreevy
2009 Tiffany Arnett Yu Chen
2008 Beverly Kidson Bill Isaacs
2007 Gregory M. Webb Elena R. Semos
2006 John Knapke Lauren Collister
2005 Lindsey Reedy  
2004 Justin Johnston Andrea J. DeArment
2003 Christine Moody Samantha Cochrane
2002 Joshua Miklowski Kathryn J. Wells
2001 Chris Weber David Mess
2000 Serafim Reppas  
1999 John Patrick Collins Shannan T. Palma
1998 Nicole L. Nieset Judson Dunham
1997 Michael Crowder Carl Holtman
1996 James J. Squire Sean E. Sponhaltz
1995 Chris Johns Kathryn Shaw
1994 Andriana E. Vais Stephan A. Blatti
1993 Jon Frey  
1991 Dan Wiley Christine Crawford
1989 Lois J. Wong Maria G. Swora
1988 Darci A. Uetrecht Wende J. Gribble
1987 Susan M. Carroll William Kalies
1986 Peggy Sato  
1985 Nick Ricciardi Janet Gianelos and Lori Henry
1984 James E. Gauch Mary Grace and Matyskella
1983 Julie Halley James Gauch



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