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Publication venues

GISRAM’s faculty members serve on the boards of a number of leading journals and monograph series in the field, and would be happy to tell you more about how to submit your work to any of them:

  • Archiv für Religionsgeschichte (Sarah Iles Johnston)
  • Collection Religions (a monograph series including work on any religion) (Sarah Iles Johnston)
  • Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity (a monograph series) (David Brakke)
  • History of Religions (Sarah Iles Johnston)
  • Journal of Biblical Literature (Bert Harrill)
  • Mene (a journal focusing on ancient magic) (Fritz Graf)
  • New Testament Studies (Bert Harrill)

In addition, we encourage you to consider submission to:

  • ASDIWAL, found here (topics pertaining to any religion)
  • Kernos, found here (topics in ancient Greek religion)

and we would be happy to talk to you about them.