Graduate Studies in Modern Greek


Modern Greek at Ohio State gives students the close faculty attention of a small interdisciplinary program while putting at their disposal the vast resources of one of the largest research universities in the world.

The Master of Arts Degree in Modern Greek
The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Modern Greek
For information about these programs, please contact Professors Gregory Jusdanis and Georgios Anagnostou. For the Modern Greek Program, click here.

Fellowships, Training for Teaching and Research

Most graduate students in the Modern Greek Program hold Teaching or Research Associateships or University Fellowships. All Teaching Associates receive special training in the teaching of Modern Greek courses and are regularly supervised by faculty in the teaching of their courses. Teaching Associateships are normally awarded annually to students in good standing at an initial stipend of $1,544 per month (2008-2009 level). Research Associateships at the same level as Teaching Associateships are also available for graduate students in Modern Greek. Remission of tuition for the 3-quarter academic year and for the summer quarter following is provided. A University Fellowship of $21,600 per year (2008-2009 level) plus academic tuition and fees is available to an advanced graduate student in Modern Greek. A 12-month dissertation-year fellowship of $21,600 per year (2008-2009 level) plus academic tuition and fees is also available by competition.


Mastery of Modern Greek enables students to consider careers in such fields as education, government, international trade, banking, print or electronic media, or the travel industry. Modern Greek Majors are well-prepared for graduate work or professional degrees as well as for employment in public or private agencies and institutions.

After graduation, Ohio State undergraduates with a Modern Greek Major have gone into government, law, medicine, engineering, education, journalism, and other professions as well as graduate school.

Ohio State graduate students have received M.A.s and Ph.D.s in Modern Greek, Classics, Comparative Studies (Literature and Ethnography), Education, English, History, Library Science, Linguistics, and Political Science. The Modern Greek Program has an excellent placement record. Graduates have been awarded post-doctoral fellowships from Princeton, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Humanities Research Council of Canada; and they have found academic positions at University of California-Riverside, Empire State College, Harvard University, Hellenic College, McGill University, Michigan, University of Missouri, New York University, Princeton, and San Francisco State University. Graduates have also distinguished themselves in research.