Classics Major


Greek and Latin Concentration

The Greek and Latin concentration requires at least 30 major hours (15 hours of required courses and 15 hours of electives). Students must also complete a prerequisite Greek language sequence and a Latin language sequence.

Prerequisites in Greek and Latin:

Greek Language Sequence: 3 courses (13 credit hours)
Greek 1101    Elementary Greek I (5)
Greek 1102    Intermediate Greek I (5)
Greek 21XX  2000-level Greek course (3)


Latin Language Sequence: 3 courses (13 credit hours):
Latin 1101.01    Elementary Latin I (5)
Latin 1102.01    Intermediate Latin I (5)
Latin 1103         Intermediate Latin II (3)

Required Courses (15 credit hours):  The major requires a minimum of 5 courses (15 credit hours) in Greek and Latin at the 2000 level and above (representing both languages in any combination).  Of these, at least 2 courses (6 credit hours) must be at the 5000 level (in one language, or in both languages).

Greek 2101   Attic Prose
Greek 2102   Homer
Greek 2103   The Greek Historians
Greek 2104   Sophocles
Greek 2110   The Greek New Testament
Greek 5011   Greek Epic
Greek 5012   Greek Hymn, Lyric, and Elegy
Greek 5013   Greek Historians
Greek 5014   Greek Drama
Greek 5015   Attic Oratory
Greek 5016   Readings in Greek Philosophy
Greek 5017   Later Greek Prose
Greek 5030   Special Topics in Greek Literature
Greek 5797   Study at a Foreign Institution (1-9)

Latin 2101   Cicero
Latin 2102   Vergil
Latin 2103   Roman Historians
Latin 2104   Ovid
Latin 2105   Latin Lyric
Latin 2106   Roman Comedy
Latin 5011   Roman Epic Poetry
Latin 5012  Roman Lyric and Erotic Poetry
Latin 5013  Roman Historians
Latin 5014  Roman Drama
Latin 5015  Roman Oratory and Rhetorical Theory
Latin 5016  Roman Philosophy
Latin 5017  Roman Satire and Novel
Latin 5018  Post Classical Latin
Latin 5030 Special Topics in Latin Literature
Latin 5797  Study at a Foreign University (1-9)

Electives (15 credit hours):  The remaining 5 courses (15 credit hours) will consist of further Greek and Latin courses at or above the 2000 level and/or relevant elective courses chosen in consultation and approved by the major advisor.  *A maximum of 3 courses from outside the Department of Classics may count as electives toward the major. Please run your Degree Audit Report in Buckeye Link to view courses that meet the elective course major requirements.