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The Modern Greek Program at The Ohio State University offers a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Greek world of the last ten centuries, and especially to its contemporary social reality and intellectual achievement. Through a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, it covers language, literature, and culture. Although the Program provides a broad liberal arts education and research training, it places particular emphasis on literary studies, critical theory, cultural politics, diaspora (especially Greek-American).

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The program draws on the valuable expertise of distinguished affiliated faculty. An active commitment to comparative, interdisciplinary, and methodological inquiry is evident in its diverse activities, from course offerings and graduate supervision to publications and conferences. The Program is dedicated to the contextual study, both local and global, of contemporary Greek culture. Because it is located in a department of classics, it can offer courses and supervise research in the entire history of Greek culture.

The Modern Greek Program is an integrated part of the Department of Classics, which offers the Ph.D. degree with tracks in Greek and Latin, Greek (Ancient through Modern), and Modern Greek, the M.A. with tracks in Greek and Latin, Greek Studies (Ancient through Modern), Ancient Greek, Latin, and Modern Greek, and a variety of undergraduate majors and minors. The Department of Classics (in cooperation with the College of Education) offers a Master's Degree with certification in secondary school teaching (Latin). A doctoral program in ancient philosophy is administered jointly by the departments of Philosophy and Classics. The Department also has strong teaching and research ties to the Department of History, the Center for Folklore Studies, and the Department of Comparative Studies, which offers courses in Comparative Literature, Folklore, Ethnography, Religious Studies, and Cultural Studies.

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