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Latin Grammar

This page is the Gateway to an online Grammar.  The List of Topics to the Left gives you outline of the major headings found in the Grammar.  When you click a heading, you will be taken to that page.  From there you may follow links that will explore the topic.  The links typically will take you to a discussion which is more detailed and precise (e.g., from Latin Cases you may go to a discussion of the various uses of the Ablative Case), or to a discussion of more general principles entailed in the grammatical category (e.g., from Latin Cases you may go to a discussion of what Case is), or to a discussion of how Latin and English compare (e.g., you may go from a description of the Latin Accusative of Place to Which to the single example in English of an Accusative of Place to Which).

The pages found in the Grammar are the same pages that you will link to if you follow any grammatical link on the Catiline or the Wheelock pages.  In creating this Grammar I have hoped to accomplish three things:  1) to address the questions modern American students of Latin might have about Grammar (that is, I have not endeavored to be "complete" or to achieve a daunting level of philological diction); 2) to make the exploration of grammatical issues interesting and rewarding; and 3) to get rid of some basic illusions and misconceptions that are prevalent in discussions of Latin (for instance, there is no such thing as the Deliberative Subjunctive -- unless you want to designate a Deliberative Indicative as well).

The Grammar is still under construction and I would appreciate comments from either students or instructors about what is useful, confusing, or in error. You can email me at:  batstone.1@osu.edu