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Honoring the memory of Phaedon J. Kozyris

To honor the memory of  Phaedon J. Kozyris, the Modern Greek Program is posting an essay that Phaedon wrote on a topic he passionately advocated, study abroad in Greece.

Honoring the memory of Phaedon J. Kozyris

Opportunities to Study in Greece

One of the best ways for our offspring to establish and maintain contact with our Hellenic heritage is for them to visit Greece. The beneficial results of such a visit are enhanced if they can combine fun with business, and "business" can include study, especially improving their knowledge of the Greek language and culture.

Fortunately, there are many high school and college level programs, mostly but not exclusively in the summer months, which are open and available to Greek-American students, sometimes offering scholarships or staying at a subsidized facility or camp. Some are run or subsidized by the Greek Government, educational institutions, Churches whereas others are operated privately. The programs often combine instructional components with a beautiful, often island, location. Such programs offer academic credit that is recognized by American schools where the students are regularly enrolled.

The enormous choice a student has can be seen in the electronic sites of universities and even high schools. Princeton University compiles annually and publishes in its website all the offerings in Hellenic Studies, including contact information for study programs and opportunities for research, internships, and work in Greece. For information on funding study or travel, there is a section on financing such studies in the Mediterranean in general and Greece in particular.

By the way, let me mention that I, as a Professor of Law, have taught courses, for the better part of the last 20 years, at summer programs offered in different parts of Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Komotini, plus the islands of Crete, Rodos, Spetses, Skopelos), programs that are credited by Tulane, Capital, or Temple Law Schools. A good number of Greek-American students attended these and have reported that they benefitted both technically and culturally.

Phaedon J. Kozyris
Professor of Law, OSU & Aristotelion University, Thessaloniki

From Greek Ethos, Vol. II (6): 12, Autumn 2007.

Note: For study abroad opportunities in Greece supported by the Modern Greek Program at The Ohio State University you can contact Yiorgos Anagnostou