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Table of Indicative Conditions in Latin

Logical or factual statement about the relationship of two events

Present Tensessi ille est, illa est."If he is, she is."
si ille fecit, ille agit ...."If he has finished, he does..."
Past Tensessi illa erat/fuit, ille erat/fuit."If she was, he was."
si hoc feceramus, fecerunt."If we did, they did."
Future Tensessi eam amabo, peribo."If I love her, I will die."
si ille abierit, illa peribit."If he leaves, she will die."

The Subjunctive Conditions in Latin:

Events are imagined in terms of their possibility, with implications about their factual status.

Present SubjunctiveEvent Possiblesi hoc fiat, illud sit."If this should happen, that would be...." (hmmm...it could happen.)
Imperfect SubjunctiveEvent was possible, but now no moresi hoc fieret, illud esset."If this were happening (now but it isn't), that would be (but it is not).
Pluperfect SubjunctiveEvent was possible in the past, but already in the past it didn't happen.si hoc factum esset, illud fuissed."If this had  happened (back then), that would have been (but it didn't happen).