The Charles L. Babcock Rome Scholarship Fund


The Charles L. Babcock Rome Scholarship Fund was established July 11, 1997, by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University with gifts to The Ohio State University Development Fund from colleagues, students and friends of Charles L. Babcock, Professor Emeritus of Classics, and with major contributions from Charles L. and Mary T. Babcock, of Columbus, Ohio. Professor Babcock was the first Dean of the College of Humanities from 1968 to 1970 and Chair of the Department of Classics from 1980 to 1988. He specialized in Latin Literature with a particular interest in Horace and Tacitus, Latin epigraphy, Roman history and civilization. He is a recipient of the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award, the College's first Exemplary Faculty Award, and the University's Distinguished Service Award.

The annual income shall be used for awards to one or more deserving graduate or undergraduate student(s) of the classics to fund academic travel and/or research to Rome or Italy, such as attendance at The American Academy Summer Session or The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies or for the purpose of conducting appropriate research projects.

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Previous Recipients

  • 2017 Ekaterina But
  • 2016 Katie Caliva and William Little
  • 2015 No award
  • 2014 Michael Jean
  • 2013¬†Quinn Radziszewski
  • 2011 John Richards, Michael Jean
  • 2010 Eric Mentges
  • 2009 No Award
  • 2008 Dave Gura
  • 2008 Ellen Manovich
  • 2006 Matthew Ely
  • 2006 Adam Rusnak
  • 2005 Christopher Brown
  • 2002 Bradley Potter
  • 2001 Gillian McIntosh
  • 2000 F. Scott Bond
  • 2000 Gregory Hodges
  • 2000 Scott Keister