Undergraduate Studies


The Department of Classics offers majors in Classics (Greek, Latin, or Greek and Latin languages and literatures, and Classical Humanities, which covers Greek and Latin literature and culture in translation), Modern Greek, and an interdisciplinary major in Ancient History and Classics. Courses are listed in the Course Catalog under four headings: Classics, Greek, Latin and Modern Greek.

Courses in Greek and Latin deal with the language and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Students in these courses learn Greek and Latin, and they read ancient literature in the original language. Courses in Modern Greek introduce students to the language, literature and culture of Greece during the past two centuries. Some Modern Greek courses require study and knowledge of the language. Reading assignments in Classics courses are entirely in English translation.

Majors in Classics must demonstrate though coursework proficiency in both Greek and Latin. Majors in Greek, Latin, and Modern Greek must also demonstrate proficiency in the respective languages. Classical Humanities majors are not required to learn Greek or Latin, although language study is encouraged and can fulfill program requirements. Students interested in Classics and Ancient History may also devise a combined major program of study in consultation with advisors from the Department of Classics and the Department of History.

For immediate advising questions, visit the Department of Classics Undergraduate Handbook 

For major advising, contact:

Professor Gregory Jusdanis
272 University Hall
230 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH, 43210

For advising on the GE, college requirements, and general degree planning, contact:

Sarah Dunlap
337A University Hall
(614) 292-6961 (Call to schedule an appointment)

If you are interested in Modern Greek, please contact:

Professor Georgios Anagnostou
Director of the Modern Greek Program


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