Classics Major


Classical Humanities Concentration

The Classical Humanities concentration requires at least 33 major credit hours (18 hours of required courses and 15 hours of electives). 

Required course (3 hours) (does not count toward total credit hours): 
Clas 1101 Intro to Classical Literature or Clas 1101H

Required (18 hours):
At least 2 courses (6 credit hours) at or above the 2000 level from the following.  Students may elect to take one or both courses at or above the 3000 level.

Clas 2201     Classical Civilization: Greece
Clas 2201H   Honors Classical Civilization: Greece
Clas 2202     Classical Civilization: Rome
Clas 2202H   Honors Classical Civilization: Rome
Clas 2204     Medicine in the Ancient World
Clas 2205     Sports and Spectacles in the Ancient World
Clas 2220     Classical Mythology
Clas 2220H   Honors Classical Mythology
Clas 2301       Classical Archaeology
Clas 2500H  Greek Identities: Ancient and Modern
Clas 2890H   Freshman/Sophomore Seminar: Topics in Ancient Literature and Society

At least 3 courses (9 credit hours) at or above the 3000 level from the followingStudents may elect to take one or both courses at or above the 4000 level.
Clas 3000     From Rome to Europe and Beyond
Clas 3100     Topics in Ancient Literature and Culture
Clas 3101     Greek and Roman Epic
Clas 3102     Greek and Roman Drama
Clas 3103     Comic Spirit in Antiquity
Clas 3104     The Ancient Novel
Clas 3203     War in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature
Clas 3205    What is Race? Perspectives from Antiquity to the Present (3)
Class 3212    Greece and the Mediterranean from Alexander to Cleopatra (3)
Clas 3215     Sex and Gender in the Ancient World
Clas 3217      Family, Household and Kinship in the Ancient World (3)
Clas 3220    The Rise of the Roman Republic (3)
Clas 3221      History of Rome: Republic to Empire (3)
Clas 3222     The Roman Empire, 69-337 CE (3)
Clas 3223     The Later Roman Empire (3)
Clas 3401      Ancient Greek Religion
Clas 3402     Ancient Gods Changing Identities
Clas 3403     The Hero in Classical Mythology
Clas 3404     Magic in the Ancient World
Clas 3408     Ancient Roman Religion
Clas 3720     The Corrupting Sea: The Environmental History of the Ancient Mediterranean (3)
Clas 3956     Black Cultures and Classical Education

At least 1 course (3 credit hours) at or above the 4000 level from the following:
Clas 4031     Sacred Texts of the Ancient World
Clas 4101     Classical Receptions: Ancient Greece and Rome in the Modern World 
Clas 4204     Greek and Roman Science and Technology
Clas 4301     Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
Clas 4501     The Good Life: Ancient Ethical Philosophy
Clas 4998     Research
Clas 4998H   Honors Research 
Clas 4999     Thesis Research
Clas 4999H   Honors Thesis Research
Clas 5051     Latin and Romance Languages
Clas 5101     Classical Literature: Theoretical Perspectives
Clas 5301     Roman Law
Clas 5302     Studies in Greek or Roman Topography
Clas 5401     Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions
Clas 5798.01 Study Tour: Domestic 
Clas 5798.02 Study Tour: Foreign 
Clas 5881     Odysseus in the Oculus Rift
Clas 5890     Workshop

Electives (15 credit hours):
At least 5 courses (15 credit hours) at or above the 2000 level are to be selected in consultation with and approved by the major advisor from Classics or from relevant courses offered by History (Ancient History), History of Art (Greek, Roman or Byzantine Art), Philosophy (Ancient Philosophy) or Theatre (Ancient History of Theatre).  In exceptional cases, students may take relevant electives offered by other departments upon approval by the major advisor. *A maximum of 3 courses from outside the Department of Classics may count as electives toward the major. Please run your Degree Audit Report in Buckeye Link to view courses that meet the elective course major requirements.