Study Abroad

The Ohio State University is a member of a consortium that sponsors the Intercollegiate Center, which offers fully accredited courses in art history, ancient history, and classical studies. Courses are scheduled on a semester basis (2 per year: September to mid-December and early February to May) and students normally take four to five courses a semester. For more information about this program, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

College Year in Athens provides college-level instruction in Greek studies for American undergraduates. The faculty consists of distinguished American, British, and Greek scholars, and usually includes a visiting professor from abroad and specialists from the American School of Classical Studies. For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

This short-term study abroad program is for students registered for Modern Greek 2240H, Honors Travels to Greece: The Search for a Cultural Ideal that is offered by the Department of Classics during Autumn Semester. The faculty instructor for the class is Professor Gregory Jusdanis. Students will explore the culture of contemporary Greece through the study of Greek history, literature, and folklore. The class will investigate the rise of the Greek nation, the role to the classical and Byzantine past, Greek language, politics, rituals, social relationships, food, and customs. The sources for the class will be literature, film, history, popular culture, and everyday life.


There are a number of travel awards available through the department. You can learn more about them here.

OSU Internal Funding Sources for Study Abroad and other international academic opportunities

Take a look at the OSU Office of International Affairs Web site for other academic opportunities.