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Honors Program

The Honors Program is for students who seek greater challenges than are afforded in the regular major.

Honors Academic Advising

Schedule an appointment with the ASC Honors advisor for the following:

  • Joining the ASC Honors Program
  • Assistance with an honors contract
  • Assistance with an undergraduate thesis
  • General education requirements
  • Graduation requirements
  • Honors opportunities and requirements
  • Degree planning
  • University policies and procedures

Schedule an appointment with the departmental faculty Honors advisor, Associate Professor Julia Nelson Hawkins, for the following:

  • Signature approval for major and minor honors contract forms
  • Specific questions related to the major or minor

The Department of Classics offers the following courses specifically designated as honors:

Classics 1101H - Introduction to Classical Literature

Classics 2201H - Classical Civilization: Greece

Classics 2202H - Classical Civilization: Rome

Classics 2220H - Classical Mythology

Classics 2500H - Greek Identities: Ancient and Modern

Classics 4998H - Research

Classics 4999H - Thesis Research

Greek 4998H - Research

Greek 4999H - Thesis Research

Latin 4998H - Research

Latin 4999H - Thesis Research

Modern Greek 2240H - Travels to Greece: The Search for a Cultural Ideal

Modern Greek 2410H - Culture of Contemporary Greece

Modern Greek 4998H - Research

Modern Greek 4999H - Thesis Research