Honors Program


The Honors Program is for students who seek greater challenges than are afforded in the regular major. There are two ways to pursue Honors: the Honors Contract and/or departmental honors through the Senior Thesis. Both allow the student wide latitude in their choice of courses, while requiring that the program be significantly stronger than the traditional major. Students who wish to join the Honors Program should contact the ASC Honors Office at (614) 292-5104 and contact the departmental honors advisor, Professor Gregory Jusdanis.

The Department of Classics offers the following courses specifically designated as honors:

  • Classics 1101H Introduction to Classical Literature
  • Classics 2201H Classical Civilization: Greece
  • Classics 2202H Classical Civilization: Rome
  • Classics 2220H Classical Mythology
  • Classics 2500H Greek Identities: Ancient and Modern (starting Spring 2016)
  • Classics 2890H Honors Seminar: Topics in Ancient Literature and Society
  • Greek 4998H Honors Research
  • Greek 4999H Honors Senior Thesis
  • Latin 4998H Honors Research
  • Latin 4999H Honors Senior Thesis
  • Modern Greek 2240H Travels to Greece: The Search for the Cultural Ideal
  • Modern Greek 2410H Culture of Contemporary Greece
  • Modern Greek 4998H Honors Research
  • Modern Greek 4999H Honors Senior Thesis