Job Placement of Our Recent PhDs


Ohio State has one of the leading graduate programs in Classics in the nation. We are proud of the great success of our students in securing full-time employment after graduation, including numerous tenure-track academic positions in Classics.


James Wolfe (2020: Bēth Rhōmāyē: Being and Belonging in Syriac in the Late Roman Empire) The Ohio State University, Department of Classics, Lecturer

Marcus Ziemann (2019: "He Brought a Message Back from Before the Flood": The Iliad and Neo-Assyrian Ideology and Propaganda) The Ohio State University, Department of Classics, Lecturer

Alice Gaber (2019: The Sublime and the Stubborn: Chorality as Narrative Resource) The Ohio State University, Department of Classics, Lecturer

William Little (2019: Renaissance Commentaries on the Epistula Sapphus), The Ohio State University, Department of Classics, Lecturer 

Margaret Elsner (2019: Skin, Mind, and Genitals: Animalized Women in Classical and Contemporary Literature), Vassar College, Greek and Roman Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor

Brandon Bourgeois (2018: Roman Imperial Accessions: Politics, Constituencies, and Communicative Acts), University of Southern California, Department of Classics, tenure-track position

Kathryn Caliva (2018: Prayer and Pragmatic Speech Acts in Greek Poetry), Valparaiso University, Classical Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Scott Kennedy (2018: How to write history: Thucydides and Herodotus in the ancient rhetorical tradition), Bilkent University, Classical Humanities, the Turkish equivalent of a tenure-track position

Laura Marshall (2017: Uncharted territory: Receptions of philosophy in Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica), Penn State University, Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, tenure-track position

Christine Hamilton (2017: The function of the deus ex machina in Euripidean drama), CLH & Associates, EITSM Test Analyst and Documentation Specialist

Quinn Griffin (2016: Embodying Diotima: Classical Exempla and the Learned Lady), Grand Valley State University, Department of Classics, tenure-track position

Marion Kruse (2015: The politics of Roman memory in the age of Justinian), University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics, tenure-track position

Adam Rappold (2015: The shadow of the polis: A synchronic and diachronic examination of the Skira festival in Athens), Brock University, Department of Classics, Assistant Professorship

Joseph Danielewicz (2015: Parody as pedagogy in Plato’s dialogues), Columbus School for Girls, Upper School Latin instructor

Michael Jean (2015: Cursus Fastorum: A study and edition of Pomponius Laetus’s glosses to Ovid’s Fasti), CoverMyMeds, front-end developer

Corey Hackworth (Classics, 2015): Baylor University, Department of Classics, temporary lecturer

Hanne Eisenfeld (2014: One mostly dead: Immortality and related states in Pindar’s victory odes), Boston College, Department of Classical Studies, tenure-track position

Luke Gorton (2014: Through the grapevine: Tracing the origins of wine), University of New Mexico, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, multi-year lecturer position

Mark Wright (2014: The Liber Amicus: Studies in Horace Sermones I), Boston College High School, Instructor of Greek and Latin

Craig Jendza (2013: Euripidean Paracomedy), University of Kansas, Department of Classics, tenure-track position

Sam Flores (2013: The roles of Solon in Plato’s Dialogues), College of Charleston (Charleston, SC), Department of Classics, tenure-track position

Gabe Fuchs (2013: Renaissance receptions of Ovid’s Tristia), Wakefield School (Plains, VA), Upper School Latin instructor

Maxwell Teitel Paule (2012: Canidia, Rome’s first witch), Earlham College, Department of Ancient and Classical Studies, tenure-track position