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Table of Traditional Conditions in Latin

General and Logical Conditions

Present TenseSi audimus, discimusIf we listen, we learn.
Past TenseSi Romae erat, illum vidit.If he was at Rome, he saw that man.

Contrafactual Conditions

Present Contrary to FactImperfect SubjunctiveSi hic esset, laeti essemus.If he were (now) here, we would (now) be happy.
Past Contrary to FactPluperfect SubjunctiveSi hic fuisset, laeti fuissemus.If he had been here, we would have been happy.

Future Conditions

Future Less VividPresent SubjunctiveSi dominus sit, servi simus.If he should be master, we would be slaves.
Future More VividFuture IndicativeSi victor fuerimus, servi erimus.If he will become victor, we will be slaves.