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Support Classics

Our funds are listed below, in alphabetical order. If a page on the OSU iGive Web site for the fund exists, then the name of the fund is directly linked to that page, where you can make your contribution to that fund through a secure, online connection.

The Carl C. Schlam Memorial Lecture Fund

Provides an annual lecture to promote understanding and appreciation of the classical world, its history, literature and tradition.

The Charles L. Babcock Rome Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships to one or more undergraduate/graduate students of the Department of Classics for academic travel to Rome or Italy.

The Classics Fund

Funds student awards and and the current needs of the department.

The Classics Research and References Materials Endowment Fund

Established on September 6, 1985, by Paul E. Watkins.
Provides program support, research, and reference materials to the Department of Classics.

The David J. Neustadt Scholarship Fund in Greek & Latin

Provides scholarship support for the study of Greek and Latin to an undergraduate major.

The Department of Classics Support Fund

Provides resources for emerging needs and priorities in the Department of Classics.

The Miltiadis Marinakis Endowed Professorship of Modern Greek Language and Culture

Provide supports for the endowed professorship of Modern Greek language and culture.

The Fritz Graf Fund for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Study of Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Provides support for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization: Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (GISRAM) and its students. The primary intended use of the fund is to provide support for graduate students' travel to conferences relevant to their development as scholars of ancient Mediterranean religions.

The Phaedon John Kozyris and Litsa Kozyris Travel Award

Provides financial support to graduate or undergraduate students to pursue a formal program of study in Modern Greek language and/or research in Greece in any academic field requiring the intensive use of Modern Greek including study abroad fees, travel expenses, and any additional educational expenses (including books). 

The Modern Greek Studies Fund

Supports the teaching and research mission of the Modern Greek Program

The Rebecca Lucile Cornetet Endowed Scholarship Fund

Provides merit-based scholarship support for the study of Greek and Latin to an undergraduate, preferably in Latin.

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (GISRAM) Fund

Provides support to the ongoing activities of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean.  

The Roberta Elliott Wantman Endowment Fund

Every other year (in odd years), the fund supports graduate or undergraduate student travel in the Mediterranean world. Preference will be given to students conducting interdisciplinary research in Classics, Near Eastern Studies, and in other fields that study ancient Mediterranean cultures, for example students in the CANE program.

The Thomas E. and Anna P. Leontis Memorial Endowment Fund in Modern Greek Studies

Provides an annual speaker of national/international reputation for a lecture to provide awareness of Greek history and culture.

The Tim Neustadt Graduate Research Current Use Fund

Supports one student majoring in Greek, Latin or Modern Greek for study abroad fees and travel expenses and additional educational expenses (including books) to graduate and professional/doctoral students.

Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies

Provides support to the Center's research mission.

Virginia Brown Chair Fund

Through the generosity of James Hankins, Professor of History at Harvard, the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies has established a fund to support the Virginia Brown Endowed Chair in Latin Palaeography. The Chair honors the memory of Virginia Brown, who was a senior fellow at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies from 1970 to her untimely death from pancreatic cancer in 2009. Professor Brown was one of the foremost scholars in the field of manuscript studies in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, specializing in Beneventan minuscule, the script written in southern Italy during the Middle Ages. She is remembered by her many former students and colleagues as a generous and devoted friend and mentor. Professor Brown was a long-time supporter of manuscript studies at the Ohio State University.