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Modern Greek Faculty

When it comes to the comprehensive study of Hellenism in all its length and variety, The Ohio State University, where Greek has been taught for over a century, is one of the best places in North America. Faculty involved in Greek studies include numerous Professors in a variety of Departments across campus, including Drama, History, and Linguistics. Hundreds of students take their classes every year and many of them specialize in research. The excellence of these faculty is also indicated by the fact that they are consistently awarded national fellowships, university awards, and other recognitions.

Modern Greek Faculty

Georgios Anagnostou
Ph.D. Ohio State 1999 · M.A. Louisiana State 1992 · M.S. Louisiana State 1989 · B.S. Thessaloniki 1984

Gregory Jusdanis
Ph.D. Birmingham 1983 · B.A. McMaster 1978

Byzantine Studies Faculty

Anthony Kaldellis
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Department of History (2001)

Classics Faculty


Frank Coulson
Ph.D. Toronto 1982 · M.A. Toronto 1977 · B.A. Toronto 1975

Fritz Graf
M.A. University of Zurich 1968 · Ph.D. University of Zurich 1971 · Habilitation University of Zurich 1981

Tom Hawkins
Ph.D. Stanford 2003 · M.A. UC Santa Barbara 1997 · A.B. Stanford 1994 · B.S. Stanford 1994 (Environmental Engineering)

Bruce Heiden
Ph.D. Cornell 1984 · M.A. City University of New York 1980 · B.A. Columbia 1972

Sarah Iles Johnston
Ph.D. Cornell 1987 · M.A. Cornell 1983 · B.A. (Classics) Univ. Kansas 1980 · B.S. (Journalism) Univ. Kansas 1979

Anthony Kaldellis
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Department of History (2001)

Julia Nelson-Hawkins
Ph.D. Stanford University 2006

Affiliated Faculty

Stratos E. Constantinidis
Ph.D. University of Iowa. Dramatic Theory and Criticism, emphasis on European and American Theater.

Timothy E. Gregory
Ph.D. University of Michigan. Late Roman, Byzantine, and modern Greek history.

Brian D. Joseph
Ph.D. Harvard University. Indo-European linguistics; modern Greek and other Balkan Languages; Sanskrit.

Theodora Dragostinova
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.A., University of Florida; B.A., University of Athens, Greece