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This Web page began as a supplement to a Latin course at the University of Bristol, but it is also part of a larger project. All parts of this site are copyrighted ©. Permission is granted to use this site for personal interest and for any form of teaching or learning. It is not for distribution, except through this site, and not for other uses unless properly cited.;

The text of Cicero is my own, based upon published texts and their apparatus. It is meant to be accurate, and to reflect my judgment about Cicero's style; but it does not pretend to be a scholarly text. A few readings are discussed in the notes.

As this page is under construction, one should expect many changes and (I hope not too many) errors (from the typo to the howler).

Please contact me with any comments about accuracy, missing links, needed information, oversights, etc. batstone.1@osu.edu