The A.G. Woodhead Award

A prize of $300 is awarded annually to the writer of the best graduate student research paper. Recipient is selected from nominations made by the faculty. Any paper written for any 6000- to 7000-level course or presented as a Master’s paper or independent research paper is eligible. Award is announced in spring.

Previous Recipients

Year      Recipient      Directed by      Title of Paper
2017   Colleen Kron   Tom Hawkins   "Prometheus Bound in a Sicilian Performance Context"
2016   Marcus Ziemann   Carolina López-Ruiz   "The Drowned God: Are Melicertes and Melgart Identical?"
2013   Alice Gaber   Bruce Heiden   "The Light Ambiguous: Reading the Second Stasimon of Sophocles' Antigone"
2012   Laura Marshall   Julia Nelson Hawkins   "Venus, Apollo, and Augustus: The Iapyx Scene of Aeneid 12"
2011   Gabriel Fuchs   Tom Hawkins   "Parasitic paradrama in Plato's Symposium"
2011   Aaron Palmore   Richard Fletcher   "Shades of Sappho in Horace's Odes: Book, Poetry, and Persona"
2010   Sarah Dubina   Richard Fletcher   "Of Parrots and Popinjays: Finding the Philosopoher in Apuleius' Florida 12"
2009    Hanne Eisenfeld   --   --
2008    Katarzyna Jazdzweska   Anthony Kaldellis   "Hagiographic Adventure: Niketas and his Life of Theoktiste"
2006   Christopher Bungard   Bruce Heiden   "Looking Toward the Future"
2005   Dennis Duncan   Anthony Kaldellis   "An Examination of Sepulchral Epigrams from the Cycle of Agathias"
2004    Aikaterina Ladianou   Victoria Wohl   "Legalizing desire: women, law, and history in Isaeus and Antiphon"
2003    Aikaterina Ladianou   Bruce Heiden   "The Poetics of Gaster: Food and Poetry in Hesiod"
2002   Michael Magree   June Allison   "Tacitus and Memoria: Philosophy and the Morals of an Historian"
2001   Gregory Hodges   June Allison   "Public and Private: Alcibiades' Paradox"
2000   Gillian McIntosh   Bruce Heiden   "Allegory in Hesiod's Works and Days"
1999   Bart Huelsenbeck   Stephen Tracy   "Evidence for Apragmones in Perikles' Speeches"
1998   Gillian McIntosh   William Batstone   "Eating Tortilla Tables: A Discussion of the Actions and Reactions to Prophesy and Text within the Aeneid"
1997   Jack Emmert   Sarah Iles Johnston   "Summoning the Magician"
1996   Peter Nani   Bruce Heiden   "Apollo in the Iliad"
1995   Robert Gallagher   Kathryn Morgan   "Missing the Forest for the Trees: The Agon in and over Electra 518-44"
1994   Rod Boyer   Jane Snyder   "Like Unto Goddesses: Sappho Fragment 96V"
1993   Paul Iversen   Kathryn Morgan   "Pindar's Program of Many Themes in a Short Poem"
1992    Poulheria Kyriakou   Nancy Andrews   "Empedoclean Echoes in Apollonius Rhodius' Argonautica"
1991   Stephanie Winder   Thomas Rosenmeyer   "The Independent Voice of the Chorus in Sophocles' Electra"
1990   Richard Freed   Frank Coulson   "One Moment in Time: Orphism and Encomium in Pindar's Second Olympian Ode"
1989    Stavros Frangoulidis   Carl Schlam   "Tacitus, Plutarch and Suetonius on the Death of Galba"
1987   Artemis Leontis   John Vaughn   "On the Rhetorical Status of 'Autonomous' Law: A Response to Bruce Frier"

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