Ancient History and Classics Major


The Ancient History and Classics major requires at least 31 major hours (28 hours of required courses and 3 hours of electives). Students must also complete a prerequisite Greek language sequence or a Latin language sequence.

Students are invited to construct a major program with emphasis upon Greek and/or Latin language and selected courses in Greek and/or Roman history. 

Prerequisites in Greek or Latin:  Students may choose between the Greek Language Sequence or the Latin Language Sequence

Greek Language Sequence: 3 courses (13 credit hours)
Greek 1101    Elementary Greek I (5)
Greek 1102    Intermediate Greek I (5)
Greek 21XX  2000-level Greek course (3)


Latin Language Sequence: 3 courses (13 credit hours):
Latin 1101.01    Elementary Latin I (5)
Latin 1102.01    Intermediate Latin I (5)
Latin 1103         Intermediate Latin II (3)

Required Courses in Greek and/or Latin (12 credit hours):  At least 4 courses (12 credit hours) in Greek and/or Latin at the 2000 level and above from the following courses.

Greek 2101    Attic Prose
Greek 2102    Homer
Greek 2103    The Greek Historians
Greek 2104    Sophocles
Greek 2110    The Greek New Testament
Greek 4998    Undergraduate Research (1-9)
Greek 4998H Honors Undergraduate Research (1-9)
Greek 5011    Greek Epic
Greek 5012    Greek Hymn, Lyric, and Elegy
Greek 5013    Greek Historians
Greek 5014    Greek Drama
Greek 5015    Attic Oratory
Greek 5016    Readings in Greek Philosophy
Greek 5017    Later Greek Prose
Greek 5030   Special Topics in Greek Literature
Greek 5797    Study at a Foreign Institution (1-9)

Latin 2101  Cicero
Latin 2102  Vergil
Latin 2103  Roman Historians
Latin 2104  Ovid
Latin 2105  Latin Lyric
Latin 2106  Roman Comedy
Latin 4998H Honors Undergraduate Research (1-9)
Latin 49998 Undergraduate Research (3-9)
Latin 5011   Roman Epic Poetry
Latin 5012  Roman Lyric and Erotic Poetry
Latin 5013  Roman Historians
Latin 5014  Roman Drama
Latin 5015  Roman Oratory and Rhetorical Theory
Latin 5016  Roman Philosophy
Latin 5017  Roman Satire and Novel
Latin 5018  Post Classical Latin
Latin 5030 Special Topics in Latin Literature
Latin 5797  Study at a Foreign University (1-9)

Required Courses in History (12 credit hours):  At least 4 courses (12 credit hours) in History (Ancient History) at or above the 2000 level from the following courses:

History 2201      Ancient Greece and Rome (also Honors and Embedded Honors)
History 2202      Introduction to Medieval History
History 2205      Themes in the History of Western Civilization, Prehistory to 1600
History 2210      Classical Archaeology
History 2211      The Ancient Near East
History 2212      War in the Ancient Mediterranean World
History 2213      The Ancient Mediterranean City
History 2214      Everyday Life in Greece and Rome
History 3210      Archaic Greece
History 3211      Classical Greece
History 3212      Hellenistic Greece
History 3215      Sex and Gender in the Ancient World
History 3220      The Rise of the Roman Republic
History 3221      Rome from the Gracchi to Nero
History 3223      The Later Roman Empire
History 3225      Early Byzantine Empire
History 3226      Later Byzantine Empire
History 3228      Religion and Society in Late Antiquity
History 3229      History of Early Christianity
History 3230      History of Medieval Christianity
History 4210      Greek History
History 4211       Roman History
History 4212      Late Antiquity
History 4213      Byzantine History
History 4215      Seminar in Greek History
History 4216      Seminar in Roman History
History 4217      Seminar in Late Antiquity
History 4218      Seminar in Byzantine History

Senior Required Course (4 hours): Classics 4999 Thesis Research or Classics 4999H Honors Thesis Research

Electives (3 credit hours): The remaining 1 course (3 credit hours) is chosen in consultation with the major advisor from Classics courses numbered 2000 or higher, or appropriate courses in Classics, Greek, Latin, History (Ancient History), History of Art (Greek, Roman, or Byzantine), or Philosophy (Ancient Philosophy). Please run your Degree Audit Report in Buckeye Link to view courses that meet the elective course major requirements.