Department of Classics Scholarship Application

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The following awards are made by faculty nomination only: 

The David J. Neustadt Scholarship
Rebecca Lucile Cornetet Scholarship
A.G. Woodhead Prize
Best Undergraduate Paper in Classics
Modern Greek Studies Award

For questions, please contact the Department of Classics.

Student Information
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Scholarships and Awards

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Two letters must be submitted from an advisor or instructor (submitted by them separately) from whom you have taken at least one class or who knows you and your educational goals and is able to comment on your ability to benefit from the scholarship.  Please ask your recommender to email the Letter of Recommendation to Khalid Jama.

Personal Statement
Indicate why you wish to receive the scholarship(s) and how the scholarship(s) would enhance both your program of study and your future plans (for example, graduate school or career).  If applying for a travel award, please give the name of the proposed program, location, dates and itemized budget.(200 – 300 words)
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