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GISRAM Courses 2018-2019


Autumn 2018


History 5229
Special Topics in Ancient Christianity: Historical Jesus                   
Professor Bert Harrill
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:45-2:05
This is a graduate piggy-back of History 3219.   Students will do all the readings and tests for the undergraduate syllabus––midterm and final exams––plus meet separately in a bi-weekly seminar, and write a research essay of 20 pages.  The research essay can be on any topic, in consultation with the instructor.

Classics 7893
7893: Special Topic in Ancient Myth and Religion—Narrating the Extraordinary
Professor Sarah Iles Johnston
Wednesdays, 2:15-5:00  
The class will look at Greek texts (in the original for Classics students and in translation for others) that describe extraordinary experiences such as encounters with the gods or manifestations of their power, asking how the authors of the text choose to narrate these experiences and why those narratives are--or are not--successful.  Among the texts will be some Homeric Hymns, portions of tragedies, some Pindar and perhaps other lyric poets.