Minor Requirements


Students who wish to minor in Classical Humanities (Greek Civilization or Roman Civilization track), classical Greek language, or Latin language should consult Professor Gregory Jusdanis, Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Department Academic Advisor. For Modern Greek, students should contact Professor Georgios Anagnostou, Director of the Modern Greek Program. Courses in Greek and Roman literature and civilization are taught in translation. Fifteen credit hours are required for a minor in Classical Humanities, classical Greek, Latin, or Modern Greek. It should be noted that courses used for the major may not be used for a minor in Greek and Latin. 

More information about the minor program is available in the Department of Classics Undergraduate Handbook 

For more information about Classics majors and minors, university policies, general education curriculum, other Arts and Sciences majors and minors, graduation, and the Arts and Sciences Honors Program, visit Arts and Sciences Academics or contact the Department Academic Advisor, Sarah Dunlap 337A University Hall (614) 292-6961 (Call to schedule an appointment).