1. Classics Greek Civilization Track or Roman Civilization Track
  2. Classical Greek language
  3. Latin Language
  4. Modern Greek

Requirements for a Minor

  • A minor consists of a minimum of 12 semester hours at the 2000-level and above and a maximum of 18 semester hours. At least 6 hours on the minor must be at the upper-division level. Upper-division courses are defined as all Arts and Sciences courses at the 3000-level or above and world language courses taught in the language at the 2000-level.
  • 1000-level courses may not be included in a minor. No more than 3 hours of X193 course work may be included in a minor, and no more than 3 hours of courses graded “S/U” may be included in a minor. Up to 6 total credit hours of transfer credit and/or credit by examination may be counted toward a minor. A maximum of 6 semester hours on the minor may also count on the GE.