Lecture by Carolina López-Ruiz

Headshot of Professor López-Ruiz
February 14, 2018
All Day
Faculty Club ABCD Rooms (2nd floor)


Orientalism: My Way


Long after “orientalism” was identified as a problem in the representation of the Near East, the field of Classics still adheres to Greek and European exceptionalism, which results in an siloed view of ancient Mediterranean cultures. In her work on Greek and Near Eastern contact, López-Ruiz explores the common ground between Greek and Semitic cultures, especially the Phoenicians, to offer a more integrated view of the classical world.

López-Ruiz's research focus is on understanding Greek culture in its broader ancient Mediterranean context. Her work ranges from Greek and Near Eastern comparative mythology to the cultural history of the exchange between Phoenicians, Greeks, and other Mediterranean peoples in the archaic period, including the culture know as Tartessos in ancient Iberia. Recently she has published the monograph Tartessos and the Phoenicians in Iberia (with archaeologist Sebastian Celestino, Oxford University Press 2016) and she is currently editing the Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean (with Brian Doak, forthcoming 2018).