FOCUS 2006

Siena Conference 2006:

Student Participants from OSU:

  • Bridget Buchholz: "Misunderstanding the Gods: The Myth of Human Ignorance"
  • Norita Dobyns: "Inside the Brazen Gods. Artistic Representations, Popular Belief, and the Rhetoric of Possession in Late Antiquity"
  • Adria Haluszka: "Inside-Out; A Study of the Inner Statue"
  • Laurie Kilker: "What Does it Mean to Be a Votive? An Exploration of Reclining Figurines from Corinth and Morgantina"
  • Katie Rask: "Near Eastern Influences on the Dioskouroi: Meslamtaea, Lugalirra, and Twin Door Gods"

Faculty Participants from OSU:

  • Mark Fullerton: "Roma and Augustus on Some Early Imperial Cameos"
  • Fritz Graf: "The Oracle and the Image. Once Again on Some Clarian Oracles"
  • Sarah Iles Johnston: "Who Put the Soul in the Statue? A Closer Look at the Telestic Art"
  • Timothy McNiven: "Interactions with the Sacred Images on Athenian Pottery"
  • Michael Swartz: "Ritual Objects as Sacred Images in the Art of the Ancient Synagogue"

Student Participants from Siena (working topics):

  • Tommaso Braccini: The Holy Tile
  • Gianluca De Sanctis
  • Svetlana Hautla: Sacred Images in the Vegetal world
  • Ilaria Sforza: Images of Double Gods

Faculty Participants from Siena (working topics):

  • Maurizio Bettini: Mythical stories about the Palladium:
  • Gioachino Chiarini: The images in the S. Caterina chapel in the Duomo in Siena:
  • Giuseppe Pucci: On Nymphs and Graces
  • Silvia Ronchey