GISRAM Courses 2017-2018



Autumn 2017


CLAS 7893
Graduate Seminar on Mystery Cults in the Ancient World
Professor Fritz Graf
Mystery cults are a unique feature of ancient religions from archaic Greece to late antiquity. The seminar will discuss these cults some of which survived for more than a millennium. We will not just concentrate on the well-known cults of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis and the Great Gods in Samothrace, or the Mediterranean-wide cults of Dionysus, Cybele, Isis, or Mithras, but also on less well known cults that our sources treat as mystery cults and that often are only a local or regional affair and attested only in the epigraphical record. This also raises the question what exactly the term mystêria covers which some authors think goes back to the Bronze Age, how it developed throughout antiquity, and how modern scholarship looked at it, not the least in its relationship to Christianity.

History 5229
Special Topics in Early Christianity: Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity
Professor Bert Harrill

NELC 5111
Comparative Semitic Linguistics
Professor Sam Meier

NELC 5701
The Qur'an in Translation
Professor Sean Anthony

Hebrew 5100
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Professor Lynn Kaye


A Look Ahead at Spring 2018*


NELC 7880/History 7881
Judaism in the Greco-Roman World
Professor Michael Swartz
See course description here.

History 7210
Graduate Reading Seminar in Ancient History.  Topic: Gnosticism and Manichaeism.
Professor David Brakke
See course description here.

'Professor Swartz and Professor Brakke have not yet scheduled times for their courses and would like to hear from interested students before they do so.  Contact swartz.69 and brakke.2.