Spring 2016

  • David Brakke is doing an independent study with some students on the topic of Hagiography and History under the rubric of History 8210 (Research Seminar).  If you would like to join this group, please contact David
  • Sarah Iles Johnston will be teaching a seminar on the Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Myths under the rubric Classics 7893: (Topics in Greek and Roman Myth and Religion).  Wednesdays 2:15-5:00.
  • Michael Swartz will be teaching Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions under the rubric NELC 5401.  This is one of the course that counts as a methodology seminar for GISRAM.  Mondays 2:15-5:00

Autumn 2015


  • A graduate seminar on the Religions of Ancient Iran (NELC 7503: lots of Zoroastrianism along with East-Syrian Christianity, Babylonian Judaism, Mandaism, and Manichaeism, not to mention some Islam at the beginning) will be taught by Kevin van Bladel, Mondays 2:15-5.
  • A graduate seminar on ‘Roman Festivals in the Greek East’ will be offered by Fritz Graf on Fridays from 2:15 to 5:00.  It is currently listed under the Classics 7894 rubric, although it is a religion course.
  • A course on Midrash (Hebrew 5603) also will be offered on Mondays 2:15-5:00, by Michael Swartz.  This could fulfill a GISRAM requirement with the director’s permission.
  • A graduate seminar on Carthage that focuses on cultural contact and colonization (Greco-Phoenician-Roman-Iberian-North African relations) will be offered by Carolina López-Ruiz.  Some religion will be involved.  If you want this to count for GISRAM, please talk to the director about the possibility.