12th Annual Graduate Colloquium in Classics

Walking the Line:
Limits and Boundaries in the Ancient World

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Keynote Speaker: Charles Platter, University of Georgia  
Opening Address: Fritz Graf, The Ohio State University
University Hall Museum, Room 143 - 230 North Oval Mall

"Apollo and Daphne" by Lorenzo Bernini

Schedule of Events

Breakfast                       9:00-9:30
Opening Address           9:30-10:30

“Their Boundaries and Ours: On Territoriality in Ancient Religions and Modern Scholarship”
     Fritz Graf, The Ohio State University 

Panel 1                         10:30-11:30

"Drawing Lines in Mesopotamia"
     Hamish Cameron, University of Southern California

"Communication and Trade across the Indian Ocean in the Early Imperial Period"
     Charlie Yow, The University of Georgia

Lunch                           11:30-1:00
Panel 2                         1:00-2:00

"Separating History from Archaeology at Mycenae"
     Evan Levine, Texas Tech University

"Concerning the Complexity of Influence on and within the Italic Languages"
     Jill Simmons, The University of Georgia

Break                           2:00-2:15 
Panel 3                        2:15-3:15

"Nero vs. Nature: The Fateful Crossing of Boundaries in Suetonius' Life of Nero"
     David Wright, Rutgers University

"Theocritean narrative framing in Vergil's Aristaeus"
     Amanda Gregory, University of Wisconsin

Break                          3:15-3:30 
Keynote Speaker          3:30-4:30

"Margins of Text and Genre in Aristophanes"
     Charles Platter, The University of Georgia