Overview of Degree Programs


Most graduate students enrolled in our Department aim toward the PhD degree in Greek and Latin, which involves intensive study of both the Greek and Latin languages and literatures.  We do not accept students whose goal is to receive a terminal MA in either Greek and Latin or Modern Greek.  The Department does offer MA degrees in Greek and Latin and Modern Greek, though in recent years few of our students leave the program at that point.  In addition, we offer more specialized degrees (e.g., in Modern Greek or Greek Studies: see below); students interested in those should consult the Director of Graduate Studies.

Many students join our graduate program after they complete their BA degree at another College. Even if their goal is to obtain a PhD degree from us, they are required to complete the MA requirements before passing into the doctoral program, as explained in the program outlines. But a number of other students come to us with an MA degree in Classics from another University. In this case, they may be placed directly into the PhD track, which has fewer requirements in terms of courses and exams.

  1. Ancient Greek and Latin
    Nearly all our graduate students enroll in these programs.
    The Master of Arts Degree in Greek and Latin
    The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Greek and Latin
  2. Modern Greek
    The Master of Arts Degree in Modern Greek
    The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Modern Greek
    For information about these programs, please contact Professors Gregory Jusdanis and Georgios Anagnostou. For the Modern Greek Program, click here.
  3. Additional degree programs
    The OSU Graduate School permits the creation of individual graduate specializations provided that students and their academic advisors in the Department believe that they represent significant, widely recognized divisions of an overall field of study. Examples of such specializations could be Byzantine Studies, Greek Studies, or Latin Studies, and the curricular requirements for such degrees would be modified accordingly. Students interested in such specialized degrees should contact the Department's Director of Graduate Studies.