The Ancient World wins Big in recent Discovery Theme Competition

September 1, 2016
Shroud showing the deceased between Osiris and Anubis. Painting on Linen. Ptolemaic Egypt, 180 BCE. Aegyptisches Museum, Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany

Members of the Department of Classics and scholars of the ancient world more generally have won ample support for four projects in the most recent round of the University's Discovery Themes competition.  The support demonstrates not only the quality of research and teaching being done in our department, but the variety of ways in which it manifests itself.

'From Homer to the Qur'an: The Ancient World at Ohio State' won $75,000 to support programming particularly in the fields of ancient religion, ancient material culture and late antiquity. The team of Primary Investigators that created the proposal included Mark Fullerton, Fritz Graf, Sarah Iles Johnston and Anthony Kaldellis from Classics, David Brakke and Tim Gregory from History, Kevin van Bladel and Sean Anthony from NELC, and Joy McCorriston from Anthropology. 

Three other projects that won support also involve members of the Department of Classics. Georgios Anagnostou has received $7,800 for launching the online journal titled Ergon: Greek/American Transnational Arts and Letters. Richard Fletcher was one of the Primary Investigators for the cross-departmental project 'Contemporary Art and its Publics' and Julia Nelson Hawkins and Sarah Iles Johnston were part of a cross-departmental team of supporters for 'Project Narrative: Applied Narrative Theory.'