Classics Undergraduate Wins Research Scholarship

November 22, 2017
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The news has just come in from Lindsey Chamberlain, Assistant Dean and Director of the ASC Honors Program, that our own Andy Hosler has won an Undergraduate Research Scholarship for Spring 2018. This award provides substantial financial assistance and will help Andy complete his research project before graduating at the end of this academic year. This prize was given in recognition of the high quality and scholarly importance of his senior thesis, “Lucian and the Attic Dialect: Language as Ethnic Classification in the Second Sophistic”, in which he explores the ways in which Lucian’s word choice contributes to the establishment of in-groups and out-groups among the Greek literary elites of the imperial era. Thus far he has been developing refined electronic search methods for assessing the sociolinguistic implications of a series of words found in Lucian’s Lexiphanes and Teacher of Rhetoric that had fallen out of regular use in the literary record, such as the interrogative particles κᾆτα and μῶν. For the rest of the academic year, he will be fleshing out his study of these apparently antiquated and stilted words and integrating this close philological work into an argument about the broader social strategies of Lucian’s verbal satire. This is an impressive undertaking, and the college has made a fine choice to recognize Andy “as a person who has the potential to make a substantial contribution to whatever endeavors you select throughout your life”.