Honors and Accomplishments of Our Faculty

August 26, 2011

1. Virginia Hull Award

Carolina Lopez Ruiz has been awarded the 2008 Virginia Hull Award; the Award will be presented at the Fall Quarter 2008 Reception of the College of Humanities (October 27, at the Blackwell Inn). Her research project is entitled “Rethinking the ‘Orientalizing’: Greek and Phoenician Interaction in the Mediterranean”.

Julia Nelson Hawkins won the 2008 Virginia Hull Award for her research project on “Medicine in Augustan Rome: Therapoetics after Actium” (see her picture on the Humanities Website).

This double recognition is quite a distinction for a small department: only English and History have won this award in two consecutive years! The Virginia Hull award is given to Humanities women faculty members in the rank of associate or assistant professor: at present, there is no other person left in our department who would qualify (but see the entry on new faculty).

2. Other Awards and Accomplishments

Sarah Iles Johnston was a finalist for the Outstanding Teaching Award by the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and received a public recognition from Executive Dean Jacqueline Royster. --- She has also been elected to the executive committee of the American Society for the Study of Religion, an association that co-opted her a few years ago; ASSR focuses on the theoretically and methodologically informed comparative study of religions.

Gregory Jusdanis has been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research and Creativity Grant in the Arts and Humanities for his project on with the title “A Look at Friendship: The View from Literature”.

Fritz Graf and Anthony Kaldellis have been elected to editorial boards of journals, Anthony to the board of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies, Fritz to the board of Minerva. Revista de Filologia Clasica.