Laura Tringali Successful Senior Thesis

December 12, 2014
Clivus Palatinus

Laura Tringali, a double minor in Classics and Nonprofit Studies, while majoring in Psychology, will graduate in May 2015 with Research Distinction in Classics.  Her excellent thesis, "The Project of Comparison: Pauline and Post-Pauline Traditions,” directed by Professor J. Albert Harrill, establishes the diversity in soteriology (teachings about salvation) between the Pauline epistles and the Post-Pauline epistles in the New Testament corpus, while also challenging a major religious studies theorist (Jonathan Z. Smith) on how and why the patterns of belief and worldview changed over time.  The essay’s careful analysis of words, stories, and settings offers an important case study testing how to find the best method in the academic project of comparison generally, especially through the close reading of ancient texts.  Hearty Congratulations to Laura!