Ekaterina But

Ekaterina But

Ekaterina But

Graduate Associate


450 University Hall
230 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH, 43210

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  • Ph.D. in Greek and Latin, The Ohio State University, (Columbus, OH), August 2015-Present
  • Graduate Training Program, Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow, Russia), September 2010-February 2014
  • BA in Classical Philology, Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow, Russia), September 2005-June 2010


Areas of research: 
Ancient Greek poetry, Ancient Greek literary theory, Greek poetry books, Hellenistic literature, Hellenistic Egypt, Greek and Latin epistolography, Reception studies, Classical Reception in Soviet Russia, Greek theater on Modern stage, Roman verse Satire, Humor theory, Humor studies

Research languages: 
Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian.


  • Rural utopia and beginning of a new world: Virgil's 1 Eclogue and A. Tvardovsky's «The Land of Muravia».  In Leo Philologiae: Collection of literary articles in honor of the anniversary of L.I. Sobolev,2016, 52-70. (in Russian)
  • The Section On Statues in the Milan Papyrus of Posidippus: Structure and Context, Journal of Ancient History 2 (76), 2016, 341-360. (in Russian.)
  • XIII Iambus of Callimachus: strategy of literary polemics. Aristeas. 2, 2012, 40-51. (in Russian)
  • New Journal: Aristeas [Rewiew]. New Literary Observer 109, 2011, P. 40-41. (in Russian)
  • Animals – scholars: Callimachus VS Alexandrian philologists. In Animal as a sign. Interpretation of cultural codes, Saratov, Spb., 2011, 35-44. (in Russian)
  • Iambus I from Callimachus’ Book of Iambi: composition. Materials of International Youth Science Forum “Lomonosov-2010” [Electronic resource] Moscow, 2010. (in Russian)