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June W. Allison

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June W. Allison

Professor Emeritus


Areas of Expertise

  • Greek Literature


Word and Concept in Thucydides. American Philological Association, Scholars Press, Atlanta, 1997.
Power and Preparedness in Thucydides.  The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1989.
Editor:  Conflict, Antithesis, and the Ancient Historian.  The Ohio State University Press, Columbus, 1990.

Select Articles

Homeric Allusions at the Close of Thucydides' Sicilian Narrative.  American Journal of Philology  118 (1997) 499-516.
Corbulo's Socratic Shadow. Eranos 94 (1997) 1-7.
Tacitus’ Dialogus and Plato’s SymposiumHermes 127 (1999) 479-92.
Axiosis the New Arete: A Periclean Metaphor for Friendship. Classical Quarterly 51 (2001) 53-64
Narrative Construction: the Siege Walls at Syracuse and at Troy. Dodoni  34 (2005) 7-23
A Citizen's Defense: Alcibiades Speaks. III International Symposium on Thucydides: the Speeches. ed. I. Sideres (Athens, 2006) 156-75
Cosmos and Number in Aeschylus’ Septem. Hermes 137 (2009) 129-47.