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Sergio Carlos Tamez

A photograph of Sergio at Delphi

Sergio Carlos Tamez

Graduate Associate


450 University Hall
230 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

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Education: B.A. in Latin & Greek and History, Florida State University, 2019

Research Interests: 

  • Ancient historiography
  • Ancient political theory
  • Christian reception of the classical tradition in antiquity
  • Lactantius
  • Latin literature (esp. of late antiquity)

Recent Activity:

  • Conference Papers:
    • "The Martyrdom of Pagan Philosophers at Antioch in Ammianus Marcellinus' Res Gestae 14 & 29." Byzantine Studies Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 10/27/2023 
    • “The Curious Case of ‘Basileiolatry’: A Chapter in the Reception of Byzantine Caesaropapism.” Byzantine Studies Conference, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH, 10/12/2021