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Stephanie Mercer

Mercer on a beach

What was your major?

Anicent Greek and Latin

When did you graduate?

Spring 2023

What city do you live in?

Columbus, Ohio

Why did you choose to study Classics?

I loved mythology, and all things from antiquity early on. When I took Latin as a freshman in high school it was the last piece of the puzzle!

What did you like most about the Department of Classics during your time at OSU?

I liked the small class sizes while still getting a large student body experience. I was able to develop relationships with my professors and was always able to get questions answered.

What was your favorite class you took from the Department of Classics and why?

My favorite class that I took from the Department of Classics was Sacred Texts in the Ancient World. The course content helped guide me to specific areas that I would like to study further.

What kind of work or research are you doing now, and how does it relate to your studies in Classics?

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Latin from Kent State University, and I will be attending the Living Latin in Rome program through the Paideia Institute this summer. After my master's program is completed I would like to pursue a PhD in Classics from the Ohio State University.

What advice would you give to students considering pursuing a degree in Classics?

Do it! There are so many specialties within the field of Classics, the opportunities to find something that you love are endless.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I hope to specialize in Oral Latin and sex and gender in the ancient world throughout my graduate career!