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Marion Kruse III

Marion Kruse III

Marion Kruse III

Associate Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati



  • B.A. History and Classical Civilizations, University of Richmond
  • PhD Classics, The Ohio State University, 2015


The Politics of Roman Memory Under Justinian  (Advisor: Anthony Kaldellis; Defended May 2015)


Monograph Under Review

The Politics of Roman Memory from the Fall of Rome to the Age of Justinian, revised and expanded from the dissertation, under review for “Empire and After,” ser. ed. C. Ando (University of Pennsylvania Press).

Articles & Chapters

“Competing Histories in the Sixth Century: Justinian and Procopius,” forthcoming in Procopius Revisited: New Interpretations and Methodologies, ed. E. Turqois and C. Lillington-Martin (Ashgate).

“A Justinianic Debate Across Genres on the State of the Roman Republic,” in Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity, ed. G. Greatrex, H. Elton, and L. McMahon (Ashgate, 2015) 233-245.

“The Speech of the Armenians in Procopius: Justinian’s Foreign Policy and the Transition between the Books of the Wars,” Classical Quarterly, 63 (2013) 866-881.


Book 2 of the Greek Anthology (Christodorus’ Ekphrasis on the Statues), commissioned for Greek Imperial Epic, ed. P. Avlamis and E. Kneebone (University of California Press).

Book Reviews

P. Bell, Social Conflict in the Age of Justinian: Its Nature, Management, and Mediation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) in Medioevo Greco 14 (2014), 94-96.

D. Potter, Constantine the Emperor (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) in Medioevo Greco 15 (2015), 441.