Dana Munteanu

Associate Professor

Research Statement

My research focuses on confluences between philosophy and literature in the field of classics and beyond. In my first book, Tragic Pathos, and several early articles, I have reexamined the mysterious nature of the emotional responses to tragedies, as described by ancient Greek philosophers (Gorgias, Plato, Aristotle) and as expressed within the plays themselves (Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides). Currently, I am developing several projects: an examination of false death in tragedies, a book about ancient philosophers on stage, and a collaborative project on Aristotle’s Poetics in light of the philosopher’s broader interests (biology, political theory, and ethics).


Tragic Pathos Pity and Fear in Greek Philosophy and Tragedy     A Handbook to Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe     Latin syntax, book co-edited by Dana Munteanu     Emotion, Genre and Gender in Classical Antiquity

Recent articles

“Grief: The Power and Shortcomings of Greek Tragic Consolation,” in D. Cairns and D. Nelis eds. Emotions in the Classical World: Methods, Approaches, Directions, Stuttgart: Steiner (2017) 79-103. Invited.

“Helen’s Eidola in Nineteen-Century European Imagination (Eidola de Helena na Imaginação Europeia do século XIX)” Nuntius Antiquus 12:1 (2016) 141-158. 

"Does Aristotle Overlook Pity for the Kin?" Ancient Philosophy 35:1 (2015) 137-54.

“Aristotle and Euripidean Drama,” Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy, ed. Hanna Roisman , vol. 1, Malden: Blackwell (2013) 351-3.

“Plato and Tragedy,” Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy, ed. Hanna Roisman, vol. 2, Malden: Blackwell (2013) 977-81.

With Carmen Fenechiu, “Reinventing Ovid’s Exile: Ex Ponto Romanian Style,” Oxford Classical Reception Journal, 5:3 (2013) 336-53.

“Plato’s Transformation of Undesirable Emotions: From Tragedy to Philosophy, Skepsis 23 (2013) 313-22.

“Parody of Greco-Roman Myth in Jacques Offenbach’s Orfée aux enfers and La belle Hélène,” Syllecta Classica 23:1 (2012) 77-101.

"The Tragic Muse and the Anti-Epic Glory of Women in Euripides' "Troades," Classical Journal 106:2 (2010-2011) 129-47.


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Areas of Expertise
  • Greek Drama
  • Philosophy (Aristotle)
  • Reception of classics

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