Announcing the Graduate Program on Classical Antiquity and the Near East

July 13, 2015
CANE image

The Department of Classics is pleased to announce the new track within the Classics program on Classical Antiquity and the Near East (CANE) dedicated to the study of the Classical world and the Ancient Near East, for those students specializing in the intersections between the Greek, Roman, and the various Near Eastern cultures from the bronze Age to the end of Antiquity.

Carolina López-Ruiz, who organized the creation of the track, serves as the coordinator and advisor from the Classics side, Kevin van Bladel coordinates and advises from the side of Near Eastern Languages and Literature.  Sam Meier serves as the point person for ancient Semitic languages.  Benjamin Acosta-Hughes (chair of Classics) also helped to implement the new program, as did a number of other faculty in both Classics and NELC.



Image Source: Phoenician or Tartessic bronze image of Astarte (probably horse bit mouthpiece), from the area of Seville, 7th century BCE (Archaeological Museum of Seville, Spain)