Sping 2014 Graduate Student Accomplishments

February 13, 2014

Congratulations to Kelly Dugan and Brandon Bourgeois who have been admitted to the Lincoln College Seminar in Greek Palaeography to be held at Lincoln College, Oxford in July 2014.

Katie Caliva will give a paper, " The Socratic Derrida," at the 2014 Derrida Today Conference, NY City, NY, May 2014.

Hanne Eisenfeld has been admitted to ASCSA Summer School with an Open Fellowship that covers all her costs.  Hanne has also been offered a one-year lecturship at Boston College for 2014/15.  In addition, Hanne has had a paper accepted for the 2014 meeting of FIEC in Bordeaux.  Given that FIEC is international and meets only every four years, that's quite an accomplishment! The 14th International Congress of the International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (FIEC) will be held in Bordeaux (France) between Monday 25th August and Saturday 30th August 2014.

Corey Hackworth presented a paper entitled “Innovation as a Tradition: Ancient Greek Religious Narrative” at the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies in Oxford, United Kingdom, December 2013.

James Hamilton: Presented a paper entitled “Reevaluating the Date of Markianos of Heraclea’s Periplus” during the CAMWS Meeting 2014, Waco, Tx, April 2014.

Craig Jendza successfully defended his dissertation, "Euripidean Paracomedy" on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  Professor Tom Hawkins served as his advisor and Professors Fritz Graf and Dana Munteau served on his committee.  He has had articles accepted to The Journal of Indo-European Studies and Archiv fur Religionsgechichte.

Marion Kruse will have an article entitled 'A Justinianic Debate Across Genres on the State of the Roman Republic' appearing in the next conference volume of Shifting Frontiers.  Marion Kruse has also been invited to speak at a conference called 'Reinventing Procopius; New Readings on Late Antique Historiography' at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where I gave a paper entitled 'Competing Histories in the Sixth Century: Justinian and Procopius.'  An article of the same title is in preparation for the conference volume.

Christine Schaefers: Presented a paper entitled "Unexpected Intervention: The Eidolon as Deus ex Machina in Euripides’ Helen," during the CAMWS Meeting 2014, Waco, Tx, April 2014.

Quinn Griffin has been selected as the North American invitee for the Neo-Latin seminar to be held at Sassoferrato, Italy in June of 2014.  

Agapi Stefanidou successfully defended her dissertation, "The reception of epic kleos in Greek tragedy" on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  Professor Tom Hawkins served as her advisor and Professors Fritz Graf and Benjamin Acosta-Hughes served on her committee.