Focus Program in Mediterranean Religions and Cultures

The interdisciplinary Focus Program in Mediterranean Religions and Cultures draws on the resources of many departments within Ohio State's College of Humanities, College of Arts and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, in order to enrich the study of cultures surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.   In collaboration with the Centro Antropologia e Mondo Antico of the Università degli Studi of Siena, it brings faculty and graduate students together for annual conferences on specific themes. The theme for 2005/06 was "Sacred Images." The theme for 2006/2007 is "Animals." 

FOCUS Conference 2008- On the Border: Animals, Hybrids and Monsters in Ancient Culture

Siena Conference 2006

Graduate Seminar on Sacred Images

Focus OSU Faculty

Mark Fullerton, PhD. Bryn Mawr College. Greek and Roman art and archaeology, Hellenistic art, Historiography of Classical Art

Fritz Graf, PhD. Zürich. Greek and Roman Religion, epigraphy, the classical tradition.

Sarah Iles Johnston, Ph.D. Cornell. Religions of Greco-Roman antiquity, myth, Greek poetry.